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What are?

~Goddess Spirituality~

Goddess Spirituality or contemporary Goddess Religion has many variations that usually include:

-Embodiment of the divine as female
-Understanding that nature, the Earth, and the Universe are manifestations of the Goddess and that She is immanent within them
-Nonauthoritarian approaches and structures
-Encouragement of equality for women in all religions and in society

In the first chapter of Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century (1997), Judith Laura outlines these and other characteristics common to contemporary Goddess religions.

~Feminist Thealogy~

Feminist thealogy is the examination of doctrines, scriptures, and practices in various religions focusing especially on:

-Portrayal and voice of women in sacred writings and practices
-Role of women in the religion historically and at the present time
-Concept and imaging of the divine.

The spelling of the word deliberately departs from the more common "theo-" prefix to assert the feminine in the Greek-rooted word as "thea." The first modern use of the term is usually attributed to Naomi Goldenberg in her book Changing of the Gods (1979).

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