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Grove of the Spiral Goddess -- beautiful site with music and many altars, thanks to Abby Willowroot

Suppressed Histories Archives -- Celebrating 40 years in 2010  under the direction of feminist scholar Max Dashu. Offers slide shows and info on a wide variety of Goddess and women's topics.

Lydia Ruyle-- Artist who creates inspiring Goddess Icon Banners flying all over the world at conferences, libraries, museums, and elsewhere. See some of them on her website.

Carol P. Christ  -- author, thealogian, founder of Ariadne Institute in Greece; includes famous essay "Why Women Need the Goddess."

Asphodel-Long.com -- A wealth of knowledge and wisdom from late great British women's spirituality leader; bio, essays, reviews.

Daniel Cohen: Storyteller, Mythmaker -- Author and leader in retelling of myths from the perspective of men's relationship to the Goddess shares many of his stories, poems, and articles. Good friend of Asphodel Long, Cohen was co-editor of the British Pagan publication Wood and Water until it ceased publication in 2003.

Patricia Monaghan -- Late Goddess scholar, author, poet and novelist.

Blogs of Interest

At the End of Desire
Avast! Feminist Conspiracy
Blog O'Gnosis
Broomstick Chronicles
Dirt Worship

Ephemera Ephemerae
Feminism and Religion
*Medusa Coils (Judith blogs here; has additional spiritual sites)
Roots Down
Shining Tribe

Echidne of the Snakes
Feminist Blogs

I Blame The Patriarchy
The Gimp Parade
 Medusa Coils
Marija Gimbutas -- memorial, controversy, and info about film, "Signs Out of Time," by Belili Productions, a joint project of Donna Reed and Starhawk.

Institute of Archeomythology  -- International organization of scholars studying symbolism of ancient societies, headed by Joan Marler.

OriginsNet.org -- The Center for Research on the Origins of Art and Religion: Includes art more than 1 million years old. Dr. James Harrad, colleague of Marija Gimbutas. Academic, technical discussion of art, religion, language and symbolism.   

Association for the Study of Women & Mythology -- Supports work of people whose scholarly or creative endeavors explore or explain aspects of "the sacred feminine," women, and mythology. Has discussion groups; sponsors seminars, conferences and awards. 

Goddess2000 Project --"A Goddess on Every Block" Grass roots global, local, and personal project.

GlobalGoddess.org -- Goddess women helping women worldwide. Community-building on regional, state, and local levels. Includes ezine The Global Goddess Oracle.

Serpentina -- women-centered research for everybody...to reveal, activate, and celebrate the Sacred Feminine in the 21st  Century

PaGaian Cosmology
-- Website of Glenys Livingstone, Ph. D, "an Australian with country roots," and founder of Mooncourt in Blue Mountains, where rituals/celebrations are held. Combines cosmology and Goddess practice in ecospirituality.

Hecate's Cauldron -- Once a Gardnerian High Priestess, Lady Hecate parted ways with the Gardnerians because she the felt the group was not Goddess-centered enough. Her website has much information on many topics, including the relationship of Wicca and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess-International (RCG-I) -- In 1984 became the first legally recognized religion serving the women's spiritual community.  Published the print periodical Of A Like Mind 1983-2001. Now publishes online journal, Seasonal Salon. Motherhoused in Madison, Wisc.

Glastonbury Goddess Temple -- Temple at Glastonbury (Avalon), UK.  Ceremonies, meditations, healings.

Mother Grove Goddess Temple -- Planning a Temple structure In Asheville, North Carolina; approved as 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.

The Temple of Goddess Spirituality Dedicated to Sekhmet -- Temple in Nevada, project of the Gift Economy under the direction of Genevieve Vaughan

Goddess Temple of Lakewood Ohio -- Dianic but open to both women and men; approved as 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.

Pillars of Her Traditions -- Goddess Temple of Staten Island, committed to the Mother Goddess in all her aspects and multi-cultural forms worldwide.

Maetreum of Cybele -- Goddess Temple in Catskill mountains of New York.

The Motherhouse of the Goddess:  both online and in Florida at Theatokos Temple of the Goddess.. Broadcasts "Goddess Alive Radio" via Blogtalk Radio. 

Goddess Temple of Orange County -- In Irvine, CA. Sunday Services at 11 a.m., 4th Sunday, all genders and ages, other Sundays women-only. See website for other events, and hours open to public. Take Virtual tour.

Goddess Temple of Ashland  -- In Ashland, Oregon for women and men.

Pagaian.org -- News of Australian group led by author Glenys Livingstone, includes Pagaian Moon Court for rituals in Blue Mountains, Australia

Invoking the Goddess -- Goddess Temple in New South Wales, Australia, created by Priestess and singer Anique Radiant Heart

Netherlandse Godinnen Tempel -- Netherlands Goddess Temple in Hillegom.

Goddess Temple in Budapest, Hungary -- Honoring the Great Goddess(es) of Old Europe

Goddess Center in Austria -- In Salzkammergut, Austrian Alps

L'Ordre de Dea  -- Sisterhood of priestesses devoted to the Goddess. Founded in Montreal, Canada, now also serving France.

Temple Dea Aphrodisia -- French Goddess Temple dedicated to Aphrodite.

Le Temple Yoni Matre --  Goddess group in Montreal, Canada, affiliated with L'Ordre de Dea.

Fellowship of Isis -- Multicultural organization headquartered in Britain. Honoring the religion of the Goddess in Her many forms. Free membership. Lyceum offers courses and priestess training.

Isis Oasis Sanctuary -- located in Geyserville, California, hosted by Loreon, founder of Isis Society for International Studies. Includes several buildings, fire circle, animal sanctuary; includes Temple of Isis, a legally recognized church.

Temple of Diana -- feminist Dianic Wiccan incorporated nonprofit religious organization headquartered in Monona,WI; religious director, Ruth Barrett.

Circle of Aradia -- One of the pioneer Dianic circles located in Los Angeles and now affiliated with the Temple of Diana.

Daughters of the Goddess -- Dianic, womyn-only Goddess Temple in San Francisco Bay Area that holds open rituals. Multicultural with "Aloha" energy.

Reclaiming -- a community of people, a tradition of Witchcraft, and a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit religious organization with roots in the Feri tradition and grounded in equality, social activism, and non-hierarchical structure. Began in California, branching out.

The Goddess Association in Australia (G.A.I.A)  -- "Celebrating, supporting, uniting women"

Moontree -- Courses related to Goddess spirituality on Australia's Gold Goast, led by Alicia Sherwood.

Daughters of Ishtar  -- Sacred and transformational spaces for women, located in Australia

Sharanya -- The Maa Batakali Cultural Mission in San Francisco. A nonprofit religious organization and temple to bridge East and West; dedicated to all forms of Goddess, but especially Kali.

Roots Without End Society --Voudou information from an organization led by Mambo Racine Sans Bout.

The New Amazon Nation -- Amazons, goddesses, horses, axes, ecstasy, Catal Hoyuk, and more.

A Pantheon of Goddesses -- In-progress site of pantheons and mythologies of various ethnicities and cultures.

Cosmic Lotus -- Rev. Sue Annabrook Jones' site with sections on Goddess energy, meditation, and "mental Yentl."

CUUPS -- Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans

HerChurch.org -- Christian Goddess group in  a San Francisco Lutheran Church; Christian Goddess Rosary and feminist spirituality events.

Tel Shemesh -- Celebrating and creating Earth-based traditions in Judaism

The Hebrew Priestess Institute -- Embodied Jewish spiritual leadership, creativity, & community from an earth-honoring, feminist perspective. Re-visualizing the Jewish connection with the Divine feminine' devoted to serving the Shechinah. Offers training programs leading to initiation and ordination.

The Lilith Institute -- Center for the Study of Sacred Text, Myth, and Ritual. Bibliography and classes in Northern California, and planned online.

Qadash Kinahnu--A Canaanite-Phoenician Temple -- Lilinah's website honoring ancient deities of the Near East

Belly Dance Home Page -- Lots of links to serious discussion of this Near Eastern dance form with Goddess roots

Runa: the Art of Max Dashu -- Multi-cultural original Goddess art

Hostetler Sculpture Goddess figures up to 11 ft. tall of hardwood and bronze, including severah Asherahs, created by David Hostettler, well known artist and teacher (of Jim Dine, David True, Harvey Breverman, etc.).  

The Beltane Papers -- Former long-time Goddess spirituality publication, now with online presence.

SageWoman -- Goddess spirituality magazine, print with online presence.

MatriFocus -- A Cross Quarterly eZine for Goddess Women Near & Far, no longer publishing new issues but still has archives available.

Goddess Pages -- Online Goddess journal, editorial offices in  Great Britain.

Goddess Alive! -- a magazine of Goddess celebration from Great Britain. Print magazine with some online content.

Circle Sanctuary -- Nature spirituality center, Shamanic Wiccan Church, and home of Lady Liberty League

CoGWeb -- Covenant of the Goddess

CAWeb -- Church of All Worlds

AREN -- Alternative Religions Education Network

Witchvox -- large Pagan networking site with info, articles.

The Wicca -- "Wicca From a Canadian Perspective" Links to Canadian organizations, articles, festivals, people...

Congregationalist Wiccan Association of British Columbia -- has 5 temples in BC province of Canada, performs marriages, has open public circles.

Theologies of Immanence --Information about "Paganism, pantheism, polytheism, polymorphism, animism, Heathenry, Druidry, Unitarianism, Wicca, and many more." Includes wiki.

The Pagan Library -- texts of wide-ranging Pagan reference works, as well as etexts of the Bhagavad-Gita, The Word, the Koran, King James version of the Bible, Hawthorne's "Tanglewood Tales"--and others.

Whispering Woods -- Grove from Harford County, MD, with information on wide range of Pagan subjects.

Judith Laura's Studio -- Zazzle.com gallery of original Goddess- and Tarot-themed art by Judith Laura on clothing, greeting and note cards, prints and posters--including graphic study aid for Kabbalah re-envisioning in  Judith's book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century and "Thunder: Perfect Mind" triptych described below.

Judith Laura at Cafepress  -- Cafepress.com shop with Goddess art on shirts, tile-topped boxes, journals, greeting cards, flying discs, posters and more. Themes include Goddess symbol similar to the one on the homepage of this site; the Nag Hammadi scripture The Thunder: Perfect Mind; Wisdom, Asherah, and Kabbalah re-envisioning as described above.

Other Feminist Thealogies/Theologies

Diotima -- Women and gender in the Ancient World. Focusing on the ancient Mediterranean; course materials, searchable bibliographies, Bible browsers, links

WSSSLinks - Women and Theology -- annotated; part of Association of College and Research Libraries Site.

Religion/Spirituality on Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Site -- Compiled by Joan Korenman at the University of Maryland.

Internet Sacred Text Archives, Women & Religion -- texts include The Woman's Bible  by Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1898) and writings of Wollenstonecraft, Woodhull, and "Women, Church and State" by Matilda Joslyn Gage (1893), as well as mostly ancient texts from various religions.

Nag Hammadi Library -- Translations of all codices, indexed and searchable, with overview of texts.

WATER -- Women's Alliance for Theology and Religion, headquartered in Silver Spring MD

Many Rivers -- Cyber-Center for Women's Spirituality, interfaith.

Magdalineage -- The late Deborah Rose's site about  the history and mythology of Mary Magdalene.

Magdalene.Org --  Lesa Bellevie's gathering of info, art,  & writings about Mary Magdalene. Also see blogroll, The Magdalene Review.

MMagdalene.Org -- The Renaissance of Mary Magdalene. Elizabeth Kelley's site.

Mary Magdalene, Author of the Fourth Gospel? -- essay by Ramon K. Jusino explaining that Mary Magdalene is the "Beloved Disciple" of the Gospel attributed to "John."   

Women in Judaism -- A multidisciplinary, refereed journal published only online

Muslim Women's Homepage -- articles, bibliographies, links and other info on the status of women in Islam.

Gender Studies at the Jewish History Research Center -- Extensive series of links to a large number of subjects, both ancient and modern, on the website of the Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Women Active in Buddhism homepage -- includes info on ordination and on female Buddhas and Bottisattvas

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance -- Information on a wide variety of religions.

Other Women's Concerns

Artemis--Guide to US Women's Studies Programs -- links by state

Feminist.com -- news, resources, links, activism, health

FGM Education & Networking Project -- Information about female genital mutilation practices worldwide, FAQ, contacts, mailing lists.

Kirsten Andenberg's Online Vulva Museum -- art and information focusing on the the beauty, power, and sacredness of female genitals.

Marge Piercy homepage -- Novelist, poet, feminist; autobiographical material, bibliography

Daniela Gioseffi -- Poet/Author Daniela Gioseffi was one of first to connect belly dancing and Goddess in book, Earth Dancing and her novel, The Great American Belly Dance.)

Block Bonobo Foundation--Susan Block's site about pleasure, peace and gender equity among certain chimpanzees.

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