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Spiritual Consultations

Judith Laura has posted on this site a list of books by many different authors with a variety of outlooks. She hopes at least some of these books can help you define your spiritual path. If you want a more personal approach or have specific questions, Judith is available for consultations online or by phone.

If you have questions about Goddess spirituality or feminist thealogy in general or specifically about Judith's articles or books, Judith offers the following (click on the icon below the item you want):

Online Chat
(Make appointment before paying by emailing address below)

15 minutes - $18

30 Minutes - $30


(Make appointment before paying by emailing address below.  You will also be responsible for any long distance charges)

10 minutes - $12

20 minutes - $22

 30 minutes -$33

Email Consultation
$10 per question. After clicking below, please set the quantity to the number of questions in your email.

After paying, send your email to "judithlaura AT aol dot com  Every effort will be made to respond to email questions within 3 days, but, at times (e.g., if you ask a particularly hard question ;-) response may take up to a week.   

Payment must be made through Paypal before consultation but should be made AFTER you contact me and I indicate that I can help you. .

Please note:
1. These are NOT Tarot or psychic readings. For Tarot readings, click here.
2. Judith does
NOT offer information or guidance on spellwork or how to work magick.

Judith Laura is author of Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother, and Goddess Matters: the Mystical, Practical, & Controversial. She was is a columnist for The Beltane Papers for 7 years before the print journal stopped publishing. She has ministerial credentials through the Universal Life Church (dedicating her ministry to Goddess spirituality).
  For a longer bio, click here.

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Last updated Dec. 12. 2016