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Link to hymn "Ashrey Asherah" by Judith Laura
Links to audio files and pdf file with notated music on this page at end of text.
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Hebrew letters:
ashrey: alef shin resh yod
asherah: alef shin resh hey

Rough translation: Blessed be Asherah/ Blessed [is]Asherah/ Behold Asherah  

Written in 2004, this is possibly the first contemporary chant/hymn to Asherah in Hebrew and is meant for community singing, rather than performance. The first section is in a major key and represents ancient times when Asherah was worshiped.  The next section(s) are meant to be variations on the first section in a minor key and corresponds to the many years when knowledge of Asherah was suppressed. The last section returns to the major key melody of the first section, representing our reunion with Asherah today.   Two variations of the minor-key melodic pattern are shown in the pdf file of notated music. While I (Judith) was recording these, more came to me as I was singing, so I'm including two audio files here. The first contains 4 variations in the minor key. (In the second audio file, there is one extra variation in minor key when compared with the notated pdf. You may find other slight variations, such as embellishments in the sung version.  I encourage people who sing this to add their own variations and embellishments, as is traditional. Permission is given for use of this hymn in liturgy/ritual and for class and workshop use. For other uses please contact me (Judith Laura) for permission. 

Link to Audio File 1
Link to Audio File 2

Link to pdf file: music notation of "Ashrey Asherah"
Link to Morning Sabbath Service in which this song appears.


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